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Graduate Spotlight: Elene Tomita

Elene Tomita
Hawaii Food Buyer at Wal-Mart

"Going through the Dale Carnegie course has really changed how I communicate with others, and I feel like my relationships both at work and at home have gotten better because of it."

Elene is an enthusiastic, high energy, fast talking, multi-tasker that loves her work as a food buyer at Wal-Mart.  When she was approached by her boss to take the Dale Carnegie Course, she had heard positive experiences from her colleagues, but vaguely knew what to expect – so there was "some anxiety coming in, knowing she would be working on her communications, human relations and presentations skills."  Elene relates that she had a quiet confidence about the program, and was excited to see how she could grow and develop.
Elene reports that her biggest benefit from the Dale Carnegie Course has been the way in which she has learned to communicate with others.  Before the course, Elene had difficulty in getting her co-workers and boss to understand her point of view, even after long explanations.  After taking the course and learning the importance of listening, understanding the other person’s point of view and being concise in her delivery, her new communication skills have strengthened both professional and personal relationships, producing positive results.

Her positive experience and new confidence also inspired her to enthusiastically sign up to be a coach, which she began the same week that she graduated from her program. As a coach she has continued to develop her skills, practicing the Dale Carnegie principles and encourages new participants each week to do the same. In the second to last session of coaching the Dale Carnegie Course, Elene realized that she brought several examples of how she used the principles this past week.  At that moment Elene realized that she was not just using the Dale Carnegie principles as an assignment, but really LIVING the Dale Carnegie principles, and that these changes in behavior were now part of the person she had become, producing better results because of it.  Elene was fulfilling the vision she set almost four months ago.

Wal-Mart in Hawaii is on the grow, opening a new location this month in downtown Honolulu and Elene has many new opportunities in her work.  She is leading vendor negotiations, bringing in new business for her department, and communicating more effectively. With tools in her pocket such as, disagreeing agreeably, being sympathetic to the other person’s desires and becoming genuinely interested in other people, Elene approaches these negotiations with the confidence that she will continue to grow powerful business relationships for her employer and throughout her career.    




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